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Redistricting authority:  
U.S. Congressional Districts – Legislative. The Pennsylvania General Assembly is responsible for congressional redistricting. The Governor only has veto power over the congressional plan.

State Legislative Districts – Commission. Legislative Reapportionment Commission (5
members) is responsible for state legislative redistricting. The House and Senate majority and
minority leaders (or their designees) are members of the commission. Within 45 days, the 4
members must pick a 5th member who is not a state or local elected official, but is a registered
voter of the commonwealth. The four members must pick a fifth member or the state Supreme
Court will do so after 30 days. The Commission has 90 days after it’s formed to submit a plan. If
there are grievances with the plan, it goes to the PA Supreme Court, and they have 30 days to
send it back to the Commission, who must redraw the plan. If there’s a problem with that plan
and the Supreme Court does not grant another extension, the Supreme Court draws a plan.
Governor cannot veto the plan.