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Redistricting authority:  
U.S. Congressional Districts – Commission.  Washington State Redistricting Commission consists of 5 members: The majority and minority leaders of the House and Senate each pick 1 person by January 15, 2011. By January 31, 2011, these 4 appoint a 5th member.  The 5th member is the chairperson. If the 5th member isn’t picked by January 31, the Supreme Court will pick a 5th member within 5 days. The 5 members cannot be elected officials or party officials of any kind (and cannot have been one within 2 years of being on the commission).

The Commission is to complete redistricting as soon as possible following the federal decennial census, but no later than January 1, 2012. The plan must pass by 3 votes of the Commission. If it does not, the Supreme Court adopts a plan by April 30, 2012. The Legislature may amend the redistricting plan but must do so by a 2/3rds vote of both Houses. Any amendment must be passed by the end of the 30th day of the first session convened after the commission submits its plan to the Legislature.  After that day, the plan, with any legislative amendments, constitutes the state districting law.  The Governor does not have veto power over either congressional or legislative plans.

State Legislative Districts – Commission. See above.