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Redistricting authority: 
U.S. Congressional Districts – Legislative/Commission. A Reapportionment Committee of 8 members is appointed – 4 members of the Senate (2 named by President Pro Tempore and 2 named by minority leader of Senate) and 4 from the House of Representatives (2 named by speaker of the House and 2 named by minority leader of the House).  If there are more than 2 parties in the General Assembly, then 2 of that party shall also be named to the committee.  The committee makes reapportionment recommendations in a report to the General Assembly.  The General Assembly votes on adopting the plan, and it must pass by 2/3 vote of each House.

 If the General Assembly fails to adopt a plan by August of 2011, the Governor appoints a commission (appointed in the same fashion as above).  The eight members of the commission then select an elector of the state as a ninth member.  The commission then submits a redistricting plan to the Secretary of State by October 30.  The Secretary of State publishes the plan, and it has the force of law.  If commission fails to turn in a plan by October 30, then the Secretary of State notifies the chief justice of the Supreme Court.  The court may compel the commission to perform its duties, or may establish a plan of redistricting if the commission fails to file its plan by October 30.  

State Legislative Districts – Legislative/Commission. The Governor does not have veto power over either the state legislative plan or congressional plan.