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Redistricting authority:  
U.S. Congressional Districts – Legislative/Advisory Commission.  No later than February 15, a 5 member Temporary Redistricting Advisory Commission (TRAC) is established and is composed of electors of the state who do not hold partisan office or political party office.  The House and Senate majority and minority leaders each get to choose a person, and then those 4 choose a 5th member of the commission.

The Legislative Services Agency (LSA provides nonpartisan staff services to all members of the General Assembly including committee staffing, legal drafting, research, and technology support), with input from the TRAC, draws up a bill based on the information in the U.S. Census and presents it to the General Assembly, as soon after the census data is available as possible.  The LSA will also make the bill public, and the TRAC holds public hearings on the plan.  If the bill is not passed by a constitutional margin by the General Assembly within 7 days of the LSA making the bill public, it is sent back to the LSA to be reworked.  The LSA has 35 days to rework the bill and bring it to the General Assembly.   The Governor has veto power over the legislation.  The General Assembly has until September 1 the year following the decennial census to complete reapportionment. If the plan does not become law by September 15, the Supreme Court devises a plan that becomes law before December 31.

State Legislative Districts – Legislative/Advisory Commission. Same as above.