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Redistricting authority:  
U.S. Congressional Districts – Legislative/Commission.  Within 3 days of the beginning of the legislative session, an Advisory Apportionment Commission is established.  The commission has 15 members; the speaker and the House minority leader both appoint 3, the Senate president and minority leader both appoint 2, the chairpersons of the 2 major parties both appoint 1, and 3 members of the public (1 member of public chosen by the group members of the 2 major parties and the third selected by the other 2 public members). 

The apportionment plan of the commission shall be submitted to the Secretary of State no later than 120 calendar days after the Legislature is convened.  However, the Legislature may either enact the plan the Commission devises OR a plan of its own, but must enact either by a vote of 2/3 of the members of each House within 30 days of the commission submitting its plan.  The plan can be vetoed by the Governor.
 If the Legislature fails to make an apportionment within 130 days after convening, the Supreme Court can make an apportionment within 60 days following the period in which the Legislature failed.  They must take into consideration any plans or briefs filed with the court within the first 30 days of that 60 day period.  If the Legislature does enact a plan that is challenged, the Supreme Court can make the apportionment if the challenge is sustained. 

State Legislative Districts – Legislative/Commission. Same as above.