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Newsweek‘s Ryan Tracy tells us:

From 1998 to 2008, longtime Democratic Rep. Dennis Kucinich won each of his reelection campaigns by at least 49,000 votes. Even in the Democratic bloodbath that was the 2010 midterms, the former mayor of Cleveland and presidential candidate carried his district in northeast Ohio by a 16,000-vote margin, more than 8 percent. So why should he be worried about 2012?

Because it’s redistricting season again, the time when legislators redraw district boundaries based on new census data, and Republicans in Ohio are holding the pen. The Ohio GOP won the governor’s seat and took over the state legislature in the midterms, part of a nationwide statehouse surge that has placed Republicans in charge of redrawing congressional-district lines in 17 states, which account for a full 193 out of 435 seats in the House of Representatives, including all the seats from the swing states of Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Come 2011, the GOP will control more state legislatures than at any time since 1928. … the nationwide map holds little good news for Democrats when it comes to redistricting.

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From the Cleveland Plain Dealer

Politicos mistook Ohio for Fantasy Island last week. Republicans acted as if Nov. 2’s election were over — and they’d won everything statewide. Republicans, of all people, should know that when everyone says a stock is a sure-thing investment, that actually means, “Sell.”

Then President Barack Obama swooped in, saying, “A lot has changed since I came [to Ohio] in those final days of the [2008] election . . .” Correct, Mr. President: When you won, Ohio’s unemployment rate was 7 percent. It’s 10.3 percent now. He also assailed U.S. Rep. John A. Boehner, a suburban Cincinnati Republican who is likely to become speaker of the House if the GOP outruns Nancy Pelosi’s crew in November.

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From the Associated Press:

The General Assembly was unable to overcome differences in proposed bills updating how Ohio draws its political maps in a rush to finish business overnight Thursday.

GOP State Sen. Jon Husted (HYOO’-sted), the top proponent of redistricting, pledges to keep working on an agreement before an August deadline for placing the issue on the November ballot.

Husted’s bill would take the power of drawing legislative districts away from whichever party controls the state Apportionment Board and give it to a seven-member bipartisan panel.

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From the Marietta Times

The Ohio Senate this week is considering a measure recently passed in the House that would change the way the state’s legislative districts are drawn every 10 years.

The Senate passed its own version of a redistricting plan last year. If a compromise version can pass both chambers by Aug. 4, a constitutional amendment will appear on the November ballot. Voters must approve any change in the redistricting process since it’s a change to the state’s constitution.

State Rep. Jennifer Garrison, D-Marietta, co-sponsor of the House bill, said she’s hopeful the measure could be on its way toward those steps this week. The House bill’s sponsor in the Senate is currently working with the House to craft a compromise, she said.

“Stay tuned. This might be a good week for reapportionment,” Garrison said.

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From the Columbus Dispatch

A much-discussed proposal to allow public input into the politically charged redistricting process was approved by an Ohio House committee yesterday, this time with very little discussion.

House Joint Resolution 15, a plan to revamp how state legislative districts are drawn, was approved on a 7-6 party-line vote by the House Elections and Ethics Committee.

GOP Reps. John Adams of Sidney and Robert Hackett of London both said they felt “out of the loop” because of the bill’s sudden emergence for a committee vote.

The resolution now faces an uncertain fate. Passing new rules for drawing legislative and congressional district boundaries would require merging the House measure with competing legislation sponsored by state Sen. Jon Husted, R-Kettering. Both chambers would have to pass a compromise version – all within a matter of days before the summer break.

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